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Review Gyula Karpati (1951) - The artist's studio
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Gyula Karpati (1951) - The artist's studio - olieverf op doek - 120 x 100 cm

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On the first day of November 1951, I was born in Buda, the Hungarian capital. My desire to draw was already in the age of 3-4.
As a young boy, I had the chance to learn the basics of art-making from the painter Zilahy. Unfortunately, the master died after three years, so I had to train myself at this age. My parents didn't like the idea of becoming an artist. And of course, this was the time of realising that I don't want to do anything better than drawing and painting.

The work of the Dutch Old Masters inspired me to paint their way. All my life, I have continued to look and study. I try to remember the details, the correlations and the whole and, above all, to understand. I am looking for a dynamic perfection. The harmony that is not the same with nil, and infinitely diverse.... I want to show and convey the joy of existence to people. I believe that the various manifestations of the visual arts and their different styles do not deny this, but rather justify each other's raison d'être. The basic purpose of the images is different, but it is absolutely essential to achieve them all, so that the artwork is completed only when you are in your mind.

I got the chance to do that for the first time in the Pataki Cultural House exhibition. This was followed by the HM Cultural Centre and then the BKV Cultural Hall hosted by the Chamber exhibitions. In 1979, I was contacted by the artis

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