Appraisal days

Have your paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculptures appraised by two appraisers from Art Dumay (the parent company of

On various Wednesdays, the appraisal team from Art Dumay will be present at different locations to appraise art. Ing Paul Dumay and Jan Coopmans, MA, will provide you with background information, values, and specific details. They specialize in paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculptures, both classical and modern.

You may display larger objects on a tablet or phone.

Each person may bring up to 3 subjects for appraisal. Tickets are free and available here, allowing us to schedule your visit. This ensures that the appraisers have ample time to provide you with the best possible information!

Taxatiedag ' t Oude Slot
Taxatiedag ' t Oude Slot - E-Ticket
Taxatiedag Van der Valk - Vught
31.07.2024 - Taxatiedag Van der Valk - Vught - E-Ticket
Taxatiedag Klok & Peel - Asten
28.08.2024 - Taxatiedag Klok & Peel - Asten- E-Ticket

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