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Review Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) - fisherwomen as they unload the catch
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Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) - fisherwomen as they unload the catch - Watercolor - Dimensions with frame: 85 x 70 cm - Dimensions Watercolor: 62 x 48 cm

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The watercolor depicts two fisherwomen on the beach, unloading their catch. In the background, a boat is visible, still partly in the surf. The colors are soft, capturing the dynamics of the sea and daily coastal life.

Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) Fisherwomen Unloading the Catch Dimensions with frame: 85 x 70 cm Dimensions of the watercolor: 62 x 48 cm


  • From private family ownership, the artwork has been in the family for multiple generations.

Mentions in literature:

  1. Willy Sluiter and the Katwijk Art Association 1908 - 1910 This book discusses the relationship between Willy Sluiter and the Katwijk Art Association, where this watercolor is cited as an example of his work from this period.
  2. Katwijk in the Painting Art This book provides an overview of painting in Katwijk, including the work of Willy Sluiter. The watercolor "Fisherwomen Unloading the Catch" is mentioned as an illustrative work of fishing life.
  3. Willy Sluiter Katwijks Museum by the Sea This book, associated with the Katwijks Museum, describes the oeuvre of Willy Sluiter with a specific focus on his maritime works, including this watercolor.
  4. Boundlessly Picturesque This book discusses various picturesque coastal towns, including Katwijk. Willy Sluiter's work is noted as a significant example of art capturing the charm of these coastal places.

Willy Sluiter: Dutch Painter, Draughtsman, and Graphic Designer (1873-1949)

Jan Willem (Willy) Sluiter, born in Amersfoort on May 24, 1873, and passed away in The Hague on May 22, 1949, was an influential Dutch painter, draughtsman, and graphic designer. Coming from the Sluiter family of clergymen, he grew up in Heerenveen and later in Zwijndrecht as the son of notary Jan Willem Sluiter (1839-1902) and Johanna Hillegonda Cornelia Suermondt (1846-1931). In 1901, he married Agatha Anna Louise van Nievervaart (1874-1957), with whom he had a daughter, Johanna Adriana (1902-1991).

Sluiter received his education from 1891 to 1894 at the Rotterdam Academy and continued his studies at the Hague Academy. He was an active member of various art societies, including Pictura in Dordrecht, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, and Pulchri Studio in The Hague. His places of residence and work varied over the years, from Zwijndrecht, Dordrecht, and Rotterdam, to Scheveningen and Katwijk between 1894 and 1910. In 1910, he settled in Laren, moving to The Hague in 1916.

Willy Sluiter developed into a versatile artist. He created political prints, posters, advertising commissions, and designed book covers. Between 1920 and 1925, he designed 38 sheet music covers for publisher Scheltens and Giltay, featuring cabaret lyrics by poet Clinge Doorenbos. His work was often inspired by beach and fishing life, but he was also a sought-after portrait painter in higher circles. A well-known subject of his paintings was the Volendam model Hille Butter.

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