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Review Louis Apol (1850-1936) - Winter on the Zuiderzee
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Louis Apol (1850-1936) - Winter on the Zuiderzee - Watercolour - 37 x 54 cm

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Louis Apol (1850-1936)
Dimensions work: 38 x 54 cm
Frame: Handmade 24kt ornamental frame

Provenance: Private collection, the Netherlands

Unlike his Hague predecessors, his paintings do not emphasise fabrication. Nature plays the leading role, in all its solitude. No merry little scenes full of life and movement, no carnival on ice. Apol depicts nature speaking for itself, impressive, picturesque and in its simplicity. His winter landscapes make it feel as if the viewer is taking a walk in the woods himself. The fresh powder snow on the bare branches breathes the icy silence of a desolate forest. Often Apol depicts only a few figures, a hiker with a dog or a logger with a horse and cart. The path you walk on is man-made, but still exudes the tranquillity of untouched nature.

Viewing is of course possible. We also have our own in-house frame shop, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary year. We also use restorers from the trade association 'Restauratoren Nederland'. If you would like to make use of them, please let us know.

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