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Review Louis Nagelkerke (1949 '),Reclining Geisha
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Reclining Geisha , Louis Nagelkerke, Olieverf op doek, 150 x 120.

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Louis Nagelkerke (Eindhoven, 3 February 1949) has been working as a professional artist since 1980. Louis is a versatile artist and never without inspiration or new ideas. Movement, beauty and mysticism are characteristic of his artworks. He is mainly inspired by life in the Indonesian archipelago and is fascinated by the mystery of his residents, both humans and animals. His inspiration often concerns Eastern people. Musicians, dancers and dancers, in particular the people of the beautiful island of Bali. People from the theater are also often his models. The topics for his work are as varied and rich as life itself. But always recurring is his love for Eastern culture and religion, music and dance. Louis Nagelkerke is best known for his very realistic views of people, "bringing out the beauty in humans and animals". That is the credo of the artist who wants to make the world more beautiful with his paintings. He is able to accurately paint the essence of the image in posture and atmosphere. , Condition: The work offered is in good condition.

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